ITProU - Our Story

Filling a need in the employment marketplace by enabling students in one of the fastest growing career sectors of our economy.

Over the past decade New Horizons of North Florida has grown into one of the top Information Technology (I.T.) Career Development Training Centers in the country culminating with being recognized as the Global Center of the Year Award in August of 2010.

For years we were tempted to offer online learning for our students to help save them time and money while providing more flexibility in their schedules. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population was unimpressed with the quality of Online Learning platforms. Most lacked interactivity while many were simply static homework assignment webpages that relegated the student to learning the content on their own. After much deliberation, we concluded we weren't willing to sacrifice our world-class track record for our outstanding brick and mortar classroom experiences only to introduce a substandard online offering.

The advantages of online learning was clear so we determined that Online Learning doesn't have to suck – we just needed to develop a far more effective solution. Our solution… ITProU, is so different from traditional online learning that we don't even feel "online" does it justice.

That's why we have the tagline "Remote I.T. Learning Done Right"

During the past two years, we have morphed our top-ranked Brick and Mortar Career Development Student training program into the ITProU Remote Learning Technology model.

The technology is only part of the equation – we offer LIVE High Definition-capable Video, High Definition Audio, in highly interactive classes with hands-on labs that deliver real-world experiences for all students. (click to see ITProU demo)

We supplement the technology with archived classes that can be watched at a later date, free course repeats, Mentored Learning, one-on-one tutoring, student academic engagement assistance, resume prep and job placement assistance.

Our entire program is placement focused – all of our students attend our program for one reason and one reason only… they want a secure high paying career in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy – the Information Technology Sector.

To maximize success, we offer both day and evening course tracks which can be tailored to each student's unique needs. We have Fast-Track program cycles for full-time students who want to complete their program as quickly as possible and we have the ability to provide flexible scheduling to accommodate existing job or family obligations.

ITProU – we help YOU become an IT PROFESSIONAL by helping you attain the KNOWLEDGE, PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS that validate your skills, and provide LIFETIME JOB PLACEMENT& ADVANCEMENT ASSISTANCE by networking you and your resume with literally thousands of corporate decision makers who have selected us as THE IT TRAINING COMPANY OF CHOICE to deliver first class IT training to their existing staff.